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Audience Research (06:08)


Advertisers research and measure the consumer for feedback. Psychologists and statisticians as used as marketers. A relationship occurs between exposure to an ad and the purchase of the product.

Audience Ratings and Advertising (04:28)

Audience ratings is an important element in advertising. Cooperative Analysis of Broadcasting (CAB), C. E. Hooper, Inc., and Nielson Co. rate audiences. Television is a vehicle for advertising.

Audience Size and Response (04:33)

Measuring audience response is difficult for advertisers. The Nielson Co. uses the "people meter" and the Image Recognition System for measuring audiences, but these do have flaws.

Attracting Segments (04:29)

Research and assessment affect programming and advertising. Segmentation allows advertisers to categorize the audience. Demographics and psychographics are tools for tapping the audience.

Media Manipulations (02:54)

Audiences are victims being manipulated by the media. Image advertising connects the product with the consumer. Advertising uses an emotional approach. Research finds dysfunctions in television.

Living by the Numbers (03:06)

Audience research is inaccurate. Researchers can assess behavior but not consumer thinking. Newton Minnow's speech, “Vast Wasteland," argues about what to give the audience.

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Audience and Feedback

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This program explores the characteristics that define a desirable audience, the history of audience ratings, and the ways in which audiences are assessed. Because the mass media is supported largely by selling time and space to marketers, it has evolved into the main delivery vehicle for advertising, in which the company offering a product or service is the true consumer and the attention of the viewer is the product that is being bought. With billions of advertising dollars at stake, marketers, social psychologists, and statisticians carry out sophisticated demographic and psychographic studies to narrow audiences into well-defined consumer groups. On the back end, the Nielsen television rating system uses "people meters" on TVs to determine if viewers are in fact watching what advertisers thought they would. This program also debates the manipulative nature of television and includes a portion of Newt Minnow’s "Vast Wasteland" speech. This video is an indispensable resource for understanding the dynamics of media/audience interaction. (30 minutes)

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