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Evolution of Modern Communication (02:29)


The ongoing human need to communicate, has resulted in mass media, or the countless newspapers, magazines, radio and TV broadcasts, and advertising messages that besiege us daily.

Communication Tools in Mass Media (02:42)

Print mass media allowed one voice to speak to many, rapidly spreading ideas and information. Wired technology accelerated and expanded the reach of communication, changing social distance.

Communication Technology and Society (02:49)

Mass media do not exist apart from society. The television medium has power over society and an impact on the culture. Research depends on viewers to watch as a means for advertising.

Impacting Society with Television (03:45)

Television mirrors society in values, principles, and religious views. The advertising system exists to move products. Being on television is a way of making an impact.

Commercial Sponsorship (03:15)

Television makes an impact on society. Groups use tactics such as making a display or disruption to attract the attention of the media. Television fails to reflect every point of view.

Segmented Communication (04:18)

More media means more choices. Segmented audiences have higher levels of interest. Mass communication is more accurately termed segmented, niche, or specialized communication.

New Media Communication (06:19)

Multi channels and media forms fractionalize and change the definition of audience. New technology creates social and cultural changes. Access to technology allows the monopoly of knowledge.

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Mass Media in Society

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The world is quickly becoming saturated with information, entertainment, and advertisements. In this program, academic and industry experts examine the globalization of information exchange, the way in which it has altered the social distance between nations and individuals, and the future of mass media. In the U.S., viewers watch an average of 4.5 hours per day of television, willingly lending their eyes and ears to advertisers. However, the 1990s have seen a growing fragmentation of America into demographically segmented audiences, driven by niche programming and narrow-interest advertising. The enthusiasm for interactive communication is growing, spurred on by the desire for news and entertainment tailored and delivered on demand and the possibilities of one-to-one marketing. Is the concept of mass media on the verge of extinction? (28 minutes)

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