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Communications Revolution (05:19)


Computer networking allows thousands or millions of people to discourse on a single issue. In the mid-1800s, smoke signals, runners, and stagecoaches gave way to electronic communication—and changed American society forever.

Computer Revolution (03:49)

Punchcard tabulator technology used in the 1890 US Census is a precursor of modern computers. By 1946, the ENIAC computer demonstrates the massive capability of computers. In response to the UNIVAC, the IBM 360 sweeps the competition away.

Computers: Relational Partners (01:40)

The first personal computer appears in late 1970s, and within a decade, the PC changes us. From data processing functions, computers today are relational partners for writing, game playing, spreadsheets, and conversation.

History of the Internet (06:24)

In 1969, military technology allows computers to talk to each other through via Internet Protocol, the largest interconnected network in the world. Created in the 1980s, the World Wide Web allows people to connect with each other through simple, graphical links.

Computer Mediated Communication (04:39)

Computer mediated communication (CMC) is the end product of years of technological evolution in which nearly all forms of media merge in a communication convergence. Problems with CMC include information flooding and security issues.

Media Convergence (03:59)

What becomes of the mass media industries that grew up in the 20th century? The boundaries between sectors such as television, telephone, and computers merge through a digital format based in the binary system.

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Media Convergence

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The telephone, the television, and the computer are three of the most potent inventions of the 20th century and have completely transformed world society. But what happens when you combine all three into one powerful communications medium? This program examines the growing convergence of phones, TVs, and computers in Cyberspace and the radical impact on businesses, homes, and schools in this "many-to-many" communications model. Is the day coming when we can satisfy most of our shopping, banking, security, and entertainment needs while sitting in front of one smart, multipurpose screen? Is the long-predicted school-without-walls finally here? If so, what will daily life be like in the world we are on the road to creating? (28 minutes)

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