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Investigative Journalism (05:49)


NBC and CBS dominate news and become independent network departments. Edward R. Murrow, the pioneer of broadcast journalism, uses an investigative approach to inform audiences.

News as Entertainment (04:04)

Journalism pioneer Murrow claimed bottom-lines, rather than content, moved the news industry. Networks realize personalities attract and generate profits. Competition drives news to sensationalism.

Choosing What News to Broadcast (06:25)

Factors such as deadlines and economics decide news stories while reflecting events. Broadcasting to different audiences and creating a mix in news require diverse news teams.

Satellites and Instant Broadcasting (04:15)

In 1953, CBS made history with photographs. Later, broadcasting live with satellites changes the news industry. Ted Turner launches CNN, an all-news channel which alters news programming.

Broadcasting Objectivity (05:13)

Gatekeepers, such as editors, make broadcasting decisions to ensure objectivity and bring all sides of a story to light. Television news blends journalistic values and a need to attract audiences.

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How do you juggle journalistic ideals with bottom-line concerns? Each day both local and national TV news operations attempt to report on the day’s events in a way that will maximize viewers and advertising dollars. But what is the downside of this tortured calculus? In this program, a wide assortment of news professionals and scholars cast a critical eye on the practices, content, and impact of TV news. Some charge that the race to the ratings jackpot has eroded the integrity and objectivity of newscasters. If this is not so, how does a newfound emphasis on the sensational and pop culture square with their duty to keep viewers informed about important issues of the body politic? (28 minutes)

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