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Why Does Your Vote Count? (02:51)


Voting helps choose leaders who affect every aspect of our lives. Your vote shows support for your candidate's proposals, so if one has major appeal, the winning candidate may pick it up.

Blacks Allowed to Vote (04:06)

The 15th Amendment allows blacks to vote.

The 19th and 26th Amendments (03:05)

The 19th Amendment extends the right to vote to women. The 26th Amendment lowers the voting age from 21 to 18 because 18-year-olds are eligible for the draft and to serve in wars.

Registering to Vote (02:50)

Registering to vote prevents people from voting twice. The Voter Registration Act allows voter registration when applying for or renewing a driver's license, by mail, or at public agencies.

Political Parties and Platforms (02:07)

Political parties rally to attract voters. The two main U.S. parties are Republican, or "Grand ol' party" (GOP) and Democratic. A platform is a party's statement of principles and policies.

Third Party Candidates (01:27)

There are sometimes third parties in an election. No third-party president has been elected since the civil war. If they get enough votes, a third-party candidate can change the outcome of an election.

Primaries, Elections, and Referendums (03:13)

Open and closed primaries, general elections, and the timetables for these elections are explained. Special elections, referendums, propositions, and initiatives are defined.

Importance of Researching Issues (03:07)

Proposition 13 is called "the tax payers' revolt." Voters should research complicated referendums before Election Day. Research is important to know where candidates stand on specific issues.

History of Voting Procedures (03:46)

Groups like Vote Smart help inform voters on issues. The history of voting procedures from black and white balls to voting booths is discussed. Will computer voting be an option in the future?

Voting Booth and Absentee Ballots (03:06)

The voting procedure at the voting booth is documented. Voters may vote by absentee ballot under certain circumstances like overseas military duty or an extended illness.

Importance of Voting (01:48)

To vote, one must register, learn where and when to vote, learn about the candidates and issues, and vote. Voting makes one's voice heard. The importance of voting is again emphasized.

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Why should I vote? Does my vote count? This program addresses these questions and reinforces the importance of voting to the political process. The program begins with a history of voting, and the struggles of women and African-Americans to gain voting rights. It then offers examples of close elections. Students are encouraged to consider how history might have been changed if the outcomes had been different. Instructions on how to vote, how to register, absentee voting, and how to use a voting machine are presented. Both primary and general elections are discussed on the local, state, and national levels, as well as referendums and votes on constitutional amendments. Students learn how to critically evaluate candidates based on their positions, experience, and other factors. A Cambridge Educational Production. (40 minutes)

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