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Real Life 101 1100 min.

Have you ever wondered what you might want to do for the rest of your life? Well, Real Life 101, which is aimed at teens and young adults, introduces you to real people doing real jobs. From doctors, lawyers, and veterinarians to career counselors, drug counselors, and special effects directors, we cover them all. Join our energetic hosts for half-hour installments of facts and fun.

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Real Life 101: Anthropologist / Energy Industry Marketing Engineer / Firefighter 22 min.

What comes to mind when you think of anthropology? Bet you never thought of fast food. You won’t want to miss Gracey’s informative interview with an anthropologist. Then Shawn will talk with a marketing engineer at ABB who works to make sure her customer’s energy needs are met. And Shawn will also visit a fire station where he’ll talk to a firefighter and learn that this job is not just about exti...

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Real Life 101: Art Entrepreneur / Nonprofit CFO/COO / School Resource Officer 22 min.

Alecsa is going to start us out by introducing us to an artist who uses her talent to design and market beautiful greeting cards, adult coloring books, and more unique creations. We’ll also meet a woman who is the CFO, COO, and deputy director of a nonprofit organization. What is that, you ask? You’ll have to wait and see. Plus, we’ll meet a woman who wanted both a career in law enforcement and on...

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Real Life 101: Automotive Calibration Engineer / LPN Medical Office Manager / Mounted Patrol Officer 22 min.

Are you a car buff and into performance, computers, physics, and math? You won’t want to miss Shawn’s interview with a calibration engineer. There are many opportunities in nursing for LPNs and RNs. Gracey will meet an LPN who also uses her business skills to work as a nurse manager in a doctor’s office. And how would you like a job in law enforcement, riding a horse through city streets, and keep...

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Real Life 101: Aviation Entrepreneur / Director of Aviation Maintenance / Traffic Engineer 22 min.

Alecsa will meet a man named Jamail Larkins, who found his passion for flying at age 13 and since then has become a successful entrepreneur and a mentor to young people interested in aviation. Speaking of aviation, Shawn will also talk with the Director of Maintenance who is an expert in aviation maintenance. He makes sure his company’s clients’ planes not only perform well but also look great, in...

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Real Life 101: Biomedical Engineering Student / Women’s Clothing Sales Manager / Handyman 22 min.

Shawn will visit a university where he meets an engineering student. He is part of an organization called Limbitless Solutions that uses 3-D printing to create prosthetic arms for children who either were born without an arm or lost one due to injury or disease. For prosthetic designs, see Enabling the Future. And Gracey will talk to a sales manager for a trendy women’s clothing manufacturer and s...

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Real Life 101: Biostatistician / Actuary / Hospital Social Worker 22 min.

If you like working with numbers, you’re going to love our first two careers! Shawn will meet a biostatistician who analyzes data and uses the findings to make advances in medicine and health care that benefit us all. Ever heard of an actuary? Gracey found out they analyze numbers to determine the risk of uncertain future events, such as hurricanes or automobile accidents, to calculate insurance r...

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Real Life 101: Birds of Prey Wildlife Center / HVAC Company / Child Therapist 22 min.

Did you know there is a place that protects and treats injured raptors? Alecsa will visit a Birds of Prey center and learn how they rescue and rehabilitate some amazing bird species. We don’t really appreciate our furnace or air conditioner until it doesn’t work. Alecsa will visit an HVAC company and learn about jobs and skills needed to keep people’s HVAC systems running smoothly. There are many...

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Real Life 101: Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist / Registered Dietitian / Bank Director of Human Resources 22 min.

Gracey’s going to visit a hospital OR where she talks to a certified registered nurse anesthetist and learn what she does as part of the surgical team. Then she’ll speak with a nutritionist who’ll fill her in on the types of clients she works with as a registered dietitian. And finally, she’ll head over to a bank where she meets the Director of Human Resources who lets her in on some of the things...

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Real Life 101: Character Artist / Nail Technician / AAA Hotel and Restaurant Inspector 22 min.

Alecsa will meet a character artist who designed some of the famous Disney merchandise you see in stores and at the Disney parks and resorts. You’ll want to see what he’s doing now. And we’ll also meet another type of artist when Shawn visits a nail technician and learns how she uses her steady hand to make people’s fingers and toes beautiful. Or maybe you’d rather have a job where you get paid to...

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