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Strategies for the Interviewee

Strategies for the Interviewee helps viewers determine what types of jobs or careers they are most qualified for and what to expect during the interview. Strategies for the Interviewee goes further than just discussing typical "tell me about yourself" types of questions by preparing viewers for any style of interview. Emphasis is placed on the necessity of becoming familiar with new technologies used in the interview process, including Internet teleconferencing, video interviewing, and more. Learn how not to be eliminated during telephone and face-to-face screening interviews by being prepared and armed with appropriate information. Viewers learn what the interviewer is looking for in the best applicant and the chances they may need to take to set themselves apart from other applicants...and receive a job offer. Contains interviews with human resource personnel to provide firsthand information on new interview concepts and uncovers the secrets of successful interviewees.

A Cambridge Educational Production.

One 28-minute video.

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Applicant Preparedness
Employers often judge applicants on first impressions; they look for people who want to do their best job. Job interviews can be stressful for applicants; therefore, preparedness is essential.