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Confronting Date Rape: The Girls' Room

Date rape is a crime of anger, power, and control, not sex. This program follows four girls who meet every morning to discuss their lives, their loves, and their feelings. When one of them is raped by a friend, the consequences are devastating. Did she lead him on? Was it okay, since they had been dating for a while? She said “no,” but was that enough? The final portion of the program includes interviews with rape crisis counselors and psychologists, who examine the causes of date rape and the long- and short-term psychological consequences. An excellent presentation of a pertinent topic. A Cambridge Educational Production. (48 minutes)

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Confronting Date Rape Through Drama
Playwright Dan Kehde discusses his play about date rape, "The Girl's Room." This play about the effect of date rape on four high school girls is educational and highly relevant to teens today.