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Teen Suicide

We all get depressed or feel stressed once in awhile. But today, teenagers have more stress in their lives than ever before. Divorced parents, substance abuse, lack of adult supervision, abusive family situations, unemployment, and a sense that the world may not be getting any better...are all factors which cause many teenagers to feel alone and desperate. Most teenagers successfully deal with these problems—but the fact remains that, on their own, too many can’t. This excellent production takes a look at the reasons kids consider, attempt, or commit suicide while stressing specific measures to help prevent unhappy teens from becoming suicide statistics. Viewers learn how to recognize the signals of suicide contemplation which they can look for in friends or relatives considering taking this drastic measure, the importance of communication, what to do to help, and where to go for assistance in saving a friend’s life. Those who may be thinking that ending their lives is the only way to escape discover that they are not alone in their problems, learn how to conquer these feelings, and become aware of specific people and organizations that desperately want to help. A life-saving message for teens, parents, teachers—anyone who comes in contact with at-risk teens.

A Cambridge Educational Production. One 35-minute video.

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Introduction to Teen Suicide
Teen suicide is the third leading cause of death among teens in America. Teens' stories reveal loneliness, confusion, despair, and low self-esteem.