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This Way to an A: Effective Study Skills

Why do we have to learn this? When will I ever use this information once I get out of school? When students acquire the ability to answer these questions for themselves, they develop an improved understanding of their subjects along with the ability to identify and retain pertinent information. This upbeat video teaches students the Empty "V" System which stresses the importance and effectiveness of deciding the purpose of each lesson in order to better understand key information. Students learn proven techniques for studying, reviewing, and retaining information that fit into any lifestyle or class structure. Reading and taking notes becomes easier, more effective, and less time-consuming as students learn how to find key facts and ideas. Study sessions become more efficient as students learn tips for condensing information into memorable formats and the effectiveness of frequently referring to the condensed versions. This important lesson entertains busy, lazy, eager, and reluctant students as they learn to apply the skills that last a lifetime. A Cambridge Educational Production.

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Obstacles to Studying Effectively
Students identify poor study habits and obstacles to studying effectively. They assert that all students have daily living skills that can help them be successful at school.