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This Is a Test...This Is Only a Test: Test-Taking Techniques

For many students, the mere thought of taking a test sends adrenaline running throughout their bodies, brings perspiration to their brows, and causes them to suddenly forget everything they have learned. This humorous and informative video teaches students the art of stress-free test-taking. Students learn how to put test-taking into its proper perspective and realize that although tests are important, they are simply a way to measure one’s knowledge of a subject. This is a Test stresses that no gimmick or shortcut can take the place of knowledge and teaches tips for reviewing and retaining information with easy-to-implement, effective study techniques. Students learn how test scores and anxiety levels are affected by preparing, organizing, cramming, and anticipating. Students discover the most effective ways to approach common test formats (multiple choice, standardized, matching, true/false, and essay), the importance of reading questions carefully, and the benefits of preparing themselves physically as well as mentally. A Cambridge Educational Production.

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Overcoming Test Anxiety
Test anxiety impedes many students' abilities to perform well on tests. Well-worn advice and tips like getting enough sleep, breathing, eat well, and being on time seem like common sense but are effective in helping students perform well.