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Digital Communication Skills: Dos and Don’ts

From texting to email to video calls, digital technology has transformed how we communicate with each other. But in formal situations like at work or in school, which forms of communications are appropriate, and when? Viewers of this video, especially digital natives, may be surprised to discover that communicating isn’t just about sharing information—it’s creating it—and that the ways in which emails, texts or voice messages are composed and conveyed may make the difference in impressing or disappointing an employer or co-worker. Even for late adopters of digital technology, this video has important points on what you should do—and what you don’t want to do—when it comes to email, texting, videoconferencing and using the phone for business calls or voice mail. A Coproduction of Films for the Humanities & Sciences and MotionMasters.

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Communication Competency
Learn why effective and professional digital and in-person communication is important in the workplace.