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Survival Tips for Teens: Defensive Driving, with Mike Pehl

Mike Pehl remembers that when his father gave him the car keys for the first time, it was with one succinct message: “Do not crash.” Now, after years of experience analyzing automobile wreckage, Pehl understands all too well that that sort of simple advice is not enough to keep new drivers safe. In this program, Pehl draws on his career as a crash investigator to let viewers know the best way to react to adverse situations on the road. Focusing on the types of accidents most common to teens, he advises on navigating intersections, preventing rear-end collisions, and the hazards of country roads—which he calls “killers” for young people—along with providing important, bottom-line, defensive driving tips. (16 minutes)

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Benefits to the Right
Accident investigator Mike Pehl lists the top three deadly automobile accidents and the number one teen nuisance accident. He stresses the importance of knowing your defensive driving exit.