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Steubenville: After the Party’s Over

Steubenville High School used to be known for touchdowns, not trials, until two football heroes were charged with and convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl during a post-game victory celebration. This ABC News report on the Steubenville rape case follows the party-hopping trail of digital evidence that tells a story of extreme humiliation and repeated sexual violation while underscoring a nationwide—and uniquely 21st-century—problem: crime being recorded instead of reported as young bystanders with little real-world sense of consequences fail to intervene. Drawing upon texts, tweets, pictures, and videos, the case for the prosecution was almost entirely pieced together through social media. Contains mature themes and explicit language and images. Broadcast date: March 22, 2013. (40 minutes)

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Steubenville Rape in the Cyber Age
In the trial of two Steubenville, OH teenagers charged with raping a 16-year-old girl, just 13 cell phones provided 400,000 pieces of evidence. The incident is marked by its lack of bystander intervention despite an abundance of bystander evidence.