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Boys and Men Healing from Child Sexual Abuse

This wise and compassionate documentary shares the stories of three courageous non-offending men whose determination to deal with the terror, denial, and shame of the sexual abuse they experienced as children has assisted them in reclaiming their lives—and in the process has empowered them to open up, speak out, and take bold action toward prevention for other boys. Topics discussed include the effects of childhood sexual abuse; benefits of support groups; coming to terms with feelings of isolation and mistrust; anti-abuse advocacy and legislation; long-term post-traumatic stress disorder; matters of masculinity, sexual identity, and intimacy; and more. Child sexual abuse perpetrated by clergymen is given special emphasis. (58 minutes)

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Adult Recollections of Abuse
An adult victim of childhood sexual abuse shares the agonies he suffered as a child and as an adult. It was love of his family that he feels brought him back from an emotional death.