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One Flash and You’re Ash! Working Safely with Electricity

The average electrician might not want to admit it, but electricity is scary—and a wise professional will always take its volatile nature into account. If something does go wrong and an injury occurs, knowledge of how to deal with the situation and treat the victim is essential. This program offers a solid grounding in electrical safety. Led by an engaging host and qualified electrician, it examines the hazards of electricity; the cause, effect, and treatment of electric shock; and how to avoid the dangers. It also explains risk management, testing for dead, electricity and water, the effects of different levels of current on the body, and first aid techniques to administer to shock victims, including the DRABCD procedure. Produced in Australia. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. (15 minutes)

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The Dangers: Electric Shock
Learn how electric shock occurs and the characteristics of alternating and direct current.