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Electrical Circuits

Introducing viewers to the basics of electrical circuits, this video looks at the various components of a circuit while describing voltage, current, resistance, and series and parallel circuits. It also demonstrates a range of calculations that are central to real-world applications of the principles of electricity. Viewers are shown how to use a multimeter and are given a solid understanding of resistors and resistance color coding. The program presents clear verbal and visual explanations of the flow of current through a circuit and how electrical energy is used, in addition to easy-to-follow examples of Ohm’s and Kirchoff’s Laws and how they are applied. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. (22 minutes)

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Introduction to Electric Circuits
Learn the components of a simple electric circuit and the concept of potential difference, measured in volts. The electron flow from a circuit's negative to the positive terminal is called an electric current, measured in amps.