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Air Sealing and Insulating: Residential Energy Efficiency Projects

Besides helping a house use less energy, properly-installed insulation means greater comfort and less noise. This program explains insulating and air sealing as part of a new home build, and also as a retrofit to an existing home. Beginning with the establishment of energy goals, the video takes viewers through the process of choosing the right kind of insulation, evaluating and accessing current insulation on a retrofit, locating and sealing leaks, and installing different types of insulation, including spray foam, fiberglass batt, and blown-in loose-fill, with safety always in mind. Verifying the installation with a blower door test and reviewing results with the homeowner is also covered, and smart building tips are provided throughout. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A Shopware Production. A part of the series Residential Energy Efficiency Projects. (14 minutes)

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Getting Started
Properly installed insulation reduces heat gain or loss. Set target R-value and efficiency goals for project. Plan to meet or exceed minimum requirements.