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Installing a Solar Hot Water System: Residential Energy Efficiency Projects

A solar hot water system is an eco-friendly, cost-efficient alternative to gas or electric heaters, and with a conventional heater as a backup, can provide hot water even on cold, cloudy days. After a brief overview, this program explains the process of installing an active solar hot water system. Viewers learn the specific tools, hardware, plumbing, and electrical components needed, how to test the system, and key points about its operation to discuss with the homeowner after installation is complete. The importance of setting up a safe, OSHA-compliant jobsite is also covered, and smart building tips are offered throughout. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A Shopware Production. A part of the series Residential Energy Efficiency Projects. (13 minutes)  

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Getting Started
Evaluate with a solar path finder to find shade obstacles and the path of the sun. Once true south is determined, examine latitude and roof slope to find optimal tilt and position of collectors.