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Jimmy’s Food Factory, Series 1

How much do you really know about what you eat? In this entertaining six-part series, host Jimmy Doherty visits farms and factories to discover the methods used to make instant coffee, frozen meals, sandwich ham, and many other popular foods. Working from a makeshift production line inside a barn, he also attempts to create from-scratch versions of processed supermarket offerings using tools that include a floor sander and a fire extinguisher, uncovering the secrets of food technology along the way. A BBC Production. 6-part series, 29 minutes each.

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Extracting Pure Starch
Jimmy Doherty considers how cornflakes are made. Inside his food factory, he removes the bran and the germ from corn kernels. After an hour, Doherty decides to use already prepared corn grits to make corn flakes. He adds flavor to the grits and pressure cooks them for 90 minutes.