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Top Five Tips for Safe Driving: Handling Your Vehicle Responsibly

Experts estimate that drivers make at least 20 decisions every minute while maneuvering through traffic, and the more distractions they have to deal with—let alone considerations such as bad weather or another driver’s road rage—the more likely it is that an accident will occur. Using interviews with a neurologist, a police officer, a mechanic, and driving instructors, this comprehensive program arms students with information about the five best ways to stay safe behind the wheel. The video goes beyond stock advice to provide concrete strategies for avoiding distractions, night and bad weather driving, and defensive driving, while also covering legal limitations and basic vehicle safety. Indispensable for any driver’s ed classroom, Top Five Tips also features a list of essential items to keep in the car, lets students know what do to if the car goes into a skid or breaks down, and more. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A Meridian/MotionMasters Coproduction. (17 minutes)  

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Tip 1: Limit Distractions
Safe driving requires that you to concentrate only on driving. Cell phone use makes a crash eight times more likely to occur. Drinking while driving accounts for 32% of all traffic deaths. Drowsiness often affects teen drivers. Eating and drinking increases the chances for an accident by 80%.