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ABS and TCS Code Diagnosing: Strategy-Based Automotive Diagnosis

Although advances in brake technology have brought increased safety and reassurance to drivers, the technology’s reliance on computers and sensors makes diagnosis of braking system problems more complex. In this program, two ASE-certified instructors diagnose trouble codes associated with antilock braking systems and traction control systems using a strategic seven-step plan that can be applied to any repair issue. Special attention is given to how systematic circuit testing and use of flowcharts can often get to the root of these problems. Correlates to ASE and NATEF standards, with viewable/printable ASE/NATEF task correlation checklists available online. A Shopware Production. Part of the series Strategy-Based Automotive Diagnosis. (23 minutes)

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Virtues of Strategic ABS & TCS Diagnosing
ASE-certified instructors recommend developing a plan for diagnosing dysfunction in anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and traction control systems (TCS) to minimize repair time and error.