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Strategy-Based Automotive Diagnosis

Understanding how to repair cars is at the core of every automotive lesson plan. But out in the real world, determining why a car that comes into the shop has a certain problem is often the most challenging part of the repair process. Today’s automotive industry needs not just gearheads, but smart diagnostic technicians. Each program in this series describes a seven-step diagnostic plan that can be applied to any repair issue, teaching students the thinking skills needed to efficiently investigate and fix them right the first time. The strategy is put to the test, addressing several challenging automotive problems with actual step-by-step repairs. Correlates to ASE and NATEF standards, with viewable/printable ASE/NATEF task correlation checklists available online. A Shopware Production. 3-part series, 21–23 minutes each.  

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Organizing a Plan
Instructors use strategy-based diagnosing to determine the reason for a horn issue and a power window problem. Learn the seven steps of a diagnostic plan.