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College Life: Perspectives from Students and Instructors

What happens when college students are allowed to be completely honest about their learning environment? When they’re empowered to speak their minds about their professors, peers, tuition bills, and prospects for landing jobs in their fields? Answer: a revealing portrait, drawn from inside the world of the 21st-century campus, that will benefit parents, high school students, guidance counselors, and young people who are just beginning the college experience. In this documentary, students talk about the ups and downs of higher education and the costs of obtaining it at community colleges, state universities, and private institutions. Topics include diversity, the proliferation of digital tools and distractions, the rise of prescription medication abuse, gaining or lacking a clear sense of purpose in college, and the likelihood—or lack thereof—of finding fulfilling work after graduation. In addition, professors and business leaders discuss what they’d like to see in today’s college students and job candidates. (52 minutes)

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College Environment Today
The filmmaker reflects on inflated tuition and living costs, as well as higher average GPAS expected of students, since she attended university in the 1980s. What experiences will her children have at higher education institutions?