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Saints and Spirits in Morocco: Disappearing World

This program explores the personal dimensions of Islam for women in Morocco—as seen through the eyes of one woman, Aisha bint Muhammad—during three events: the annual renewal of contact with a spirit through a ritual festival of celebration in Marakech; the pilgrimage to the moussem, or festival of a powerful saint, whose shrine lies in the mountains of the High Atlas; and the veneration of a new saint's shrine in a small plains village. Features influential writer and filmmaker Elizabeth Fernea. Part of the series Disappearing World. (25 minutes)

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Shrines and Spirits in Marrakech
Each year, pilgrims journey to the shrines of Sidi Chamharouch and Sidi Bel Abbes. Shuwafas, fortune tellers, communicate with spirits. They manipulate a variety of objects outside of the shrines.