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Anxiety Disorders

Humans, like many animals, possess a fine-tuned sense of danger. In truly hazardous situations, our awareness of threats is highly beneficial—but in 21st-century society it can become a constant state of mind, severely limiting a person’s ability to function. This program takes a comprehensive look at anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety; panic attacks; PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder; obsessive-compulsive disorders; and phobias. Causes, symptoms, and treatments are all examined. Along with case studies highlighting the personal experiences of anxiety disorder patients, helpful visual illustrations and input from leading experts round out this much-needed examination. Viewable/printable educational materials are available online. (21 minutes)

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What is an Anxiety Disorder?
Experts describe anxiety and its role in daily life. Between 3-5% of the adult population will experience a diagnosed anxiety disorder. There are six types of anxiety disorders.