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Driving and Choosing to Drink: Think About It

In this powerful program, people whose lives were affected dramatically by drunk driving tell their stories. Relying on a mechanized communication device, a former athlete recounts the joyride that caused his traumatic brain injury, while another describes the lasting psychological problems that followed his physical injuries. An inmate serving time for DUI manslaughter after downing “a few beers and a few shots” recalls facing the mother of the person he killed, and a first responder gives details of a fatal collision involving an intoxicated driver and her children. Supplemented by information from MADD, the video stresses that drunk driving is a choice that students can decide not to make. Viewer discretion is advised. Part of the series Think About It. (20 minutes)

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"Forever Young"
A police officer describes the details of a head-on collision caused by a drunken mother who was driving with 2 young children. Photographs are included.