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Peer Pressure and Choosing to Drink: Think About It

David and Julie are excited but nervous about their invitation to a party hosted by “the cool kids.” Sharing his thought process with viewers, David describes an elevated heart rate and feelings of being a social outcast, laughed at because he and Julie don’t drink. David allows a subtle form of peer pressure to take control, with tragic results. In this dramatization, the potential consequences of choosing to drive while intoxicated are played out. In a separate segment, a psychiatrist explains how the adolescent brain manages emotions and decision making in a social context, differences between how boys and girls express this, and the importance of good role models for teens. Part of the series Think About It. (19 minutes)

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Social Pressure to Drink
Two teens arrive at a party. They give in to the social pressure to drink. This choice leads to intoxication. The male teen sees his drinking as a path to his upward mobility in his social hierarchy.