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Starting a Catering Business: The StartUp Experience

Picnic Basket Catering began in 1989 when Michelle Talarico and Kathy Dreiling combined their passion for food and quest for adventure and opened the doors to an innovative yet affordable catering alternative. Eleven years later they launched a sister company called Cravings to address the need for upscale social catering for everything from weddings to galas. And then they expanded again in 2005 with Buffalo Gals. Each company offers something a little different, but they are all successful because each focuses on pleasing and retaining customers. In this program, Michelle discusses the three most important things every caterer should do; how to expand using your strengths; valuable online sources of education and networking; why you should treat vendors like customers; why spending half of every dollar earned on marketing can be very wise in the beginning; why listening is one of the most important skills needed to succeed; and more. (72 minutes)

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Michelle Talarico's Start in Catering
Tom Duening interviews Michelle Talarico, a 20 year catering veteran and co-owner, Picnic Basket, Cravings and Buffalo Gals Catering companies. Talarico explains how she got into the catering business and bought her first company.