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Buying and Managing Rental Properties: The StartUp Experience

Tom Brunk, a former banker, founded Brunk & Brunk Metro Brokers in 1984 to provide services in the areas of real estate investment and development, property management, and relocation. Tom is considered to be a major thought leader in the industry and is often sought for his insights into the trends and topics that are shaping the future of the rental property industry. In this program, Tom discusses how to locate and evaluate potential rental properties; how to leverage properties and finance new ones; secrets to qualifying renters; how to handle legal issues that inevitably arise; how to earn profits in this highly volatile industry; common mistakes property managers tend to make and how to avoid them; and more. (53 minutes)

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Getting Into the Business
Tom Brunk began investing with family back in the 1980's. Down payments were low, making it easier to buy properties. He was able to help an investor manage his properties and reinvest his money to compensate for negative cash flows.