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Starting a Restaurant: The StartUp Experience

Randy Price is the CEO of the Rocky Mountain Restaurant Group. Randy went from working in restaurants to successfully starting and profiting from four of his own restaurants: Sonterra Grill (innovative Southwest), Slayton’s (Kansas City–style BBQ), Salsa Brava (fresh Mexican grill), and Piazza Italian Kitchen (wine bar and pizzeria). In this program, Randy discusses the 20% factor in staffing; how theoretical food costs can help you spot potential problems; why you should always open a new restaurant on a Monday; how the “one-third” formula promotes success; how “cross-utilization” can be employed to develop a better menu and save money; how the 7 Step Service System works; and more. (68 minutes)

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Randy Price and the Restaurant Business
Randy Price, founder and President of Rocky Mountain Restaurant Group, is today's guest. He talks about his background and the traits needed for success in the business.