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Selling Products Online: The StartUp Experience

Jim Reeder is a cofounder of Consider It Sold. He left his job as an engineer and built this company from scratch using eBay and other channels, becoming one of the top 200 distributors on eBay—out of 200 million total distributors! Jim also learned how to brand lines of products and market them in cost-effective ways. In this program, Jim discusses where to find the valuable products that your customers want; how to negotiate the best price on the products you carry; how to beat your competition; how to optimize loss leaders; strategic ways to brand and promote your products on a tight budget; how to optimize various Internet distribution channels; and more. (77 minutes)

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Entrepreneurial Options
Jim Reeder, co-founder of Consider It Sold! began his career as an engineer. As job opportunities dwindled in the high tech crash, Reeder considered his options. He turned his love of cars into a new business.