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Starting a Home Building Company: The StartUp Experience

Brian Bahr started his career as an accountant and had no prior home building experience before he and his wife founded Challenger Homes—a company that they started in their garage and grew into one of the top five residential home building companies in Colorado. In this program, Brian discusses how to launch your own home building business; how to finance each home project; insider tips on how to leverage buyers; how to design floor plans that meet the needs of your target customers; how to build a network of reliable trade partners; how to find a niche and dominate the market; secrets to consistent profits in the home building industry; and more. (67 minutes)

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Discovering Talent for Home Building Business
Brian Bahr, founder of Challenger Homes, was an accountant for a real estate company who found he liked negotiating deals. He built his own house and realized he had business skills applicable to home building.