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Starting a Bed and Breakfast: The StartUp Experience

Sallie Clark is the owner and innkeeper of Holden House 1902 Bed & Breakfast. She started small but soon expanded from three rooms to three houses. In this program, Sallie discusses how to identify locations that will support B&Bs; what types of atmosphere and themes can be successful; what to expect in a typical innkeeper’s day; how to acquire and retain customers; how to use the Internet and other tools to advertise effectively; whether a remodel or a new building is a better choice for you; the secrets to consistent and reliable profits in the bed and breakfast industry; and more. (87 minutes)

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Getting Started
Sallie Clark explains to host Dr. Tom Duening how she got started in the bed and breakfast business. She and her husband spent several years researching the business before opening Holden House in Colorado Springs.