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Starting an Internet Marketing Company: The StartUp Experience

Jesse Schwarz is the CEO of VRE Asset Group. Jesse owns and operates a successful Internet marketing business that he started with less than $1,000 and no previous Internet knowledge. In three years he became one of the leading traffic generators and has an incredible $60,000-per-month passive income! In this program, Jesse discusses how to utilize free tools to build your business; what Elance, Commission Junction, Google AdSense, and Wordtracker can do to enhance your success; how to create your own niche; how to optimize your key words to gain visibility on search engines; and more. (68 minutes)

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The Entrepreneur's Journey
Jesse Schwarz was once a student of Dr. Tom Duening. Schwarz explains how he went from the used car business to Internet marketing. He started several ventures, including a chicken concept, before becoming successful.