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Starting a Wine Shop: The StartUp Experience

Ivars Spons started his career as an electrical engineer, but his love and passion for wine gave him the opportunity to work in a wine shop, which he then bought and made into his own. Ten years later, Sovereignty Wines is prospering, and Ivars is looking to expand. In this program, Ivars discusses what licenses you need, where to get them, and how much they will cost; the importance of a love of wine and a passion to serve people; how much inventory you should carry; what your initial costs will look like; what wine to buy and who to buy from; the three-tier wine-buying system; the “blitz special,” a great marketing tool; how to get wine wholesalers to work for you; and more. (69 minutes)

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Entrepreneur's Journey: History of Wine
Ivars Spons, owner of Sovereignty Wines, speaks about why he took an interest in wine and what led to his decision in starting a wine shop.