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Starting a Produce Farm: The StartUp Experience

Shane Milberger is the owner of Milberger Farms, which he started in 1986 with two small tractors, a generous amount of self determination, and a great work ethic. His farm has since grown from 26 acres to more than 300, and Shane has become a grower for Whole Foods Market. Shane also has a roadside stand and is known in his area as the King of Chili for his remarkable chili peppers. In this program, Shane discusses how to estimate costs per acre; the three things you need to survive as a farmer; the importance of profiling your produce; how to find a niche product; why finding a local agricultural bank is absolutely vital; where to sell your produce; the regulations that you must comply with and the licenses you must have; how to manage workers for productivity and performance; and more. (70 minutes)

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The Beginning
Shane Milberger, owner of Milberger Farms, works a summer job before running a neighboring farm using his father's equipment. This great opportunity came up due to his neighbor quitting farming.