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Selling Cosmetics as an Independent Sales Representative: The StartUp Experience

Monique Todd Balboa left the corporate world after four years and started selling cosmetics independently. She had no prior experience with cosmetics, yet she was able to match her corporate income within only seven months. Monique did not have to give up her family life; she was able to work the hours she wanted and still be successful. Today, 25 years later, she is the independent national sales director for one of the top cosmetics companies in America. In this program, Monique discusses how little you really need to get started; what resources can help you succeed; how success means building clients outside of your friends and family; where to find clientele; how to maximize your personality type to create wealth; the rewards and challenges of working independently; how to set goals and stick to them; the secrets to working with clients to ensure repeat business and referrals; the keys to breaking into the industry and surviving the “lean” times; and more. (65 minutes)

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Move to Entrepreneurship
Independent National Sales Director Monique Todd Balboa explains how she got started in the cosmetics sales industry.