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Starting a Garden Center: The StartUp Experience

Marijane Thomas is the owner and president of Castle Rock Gift & Garden, a business she started in an old gas station with $30,000. Over a period of five years, she grew it into a five-acre parcel—and now has her own TV show on FOX! Marijane admits that she couldn’t tell the difference between a daisy and a dandelion when she started, but she had a good business background and saw an opportunity to earn big profits with her own gift and garden center. In this program, Marijane discusses why you need more than a green thumb to profit in this industry; how to pick the right community for a garden center; how to know which plants to feature; how to hire help for the busy season; how to use creativity to grow your business; advertising and client retention; how you can make money from homeowner associations; the secrets to profits in the garden center industry; and more. (87 minutes)

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Recognizing an Opportunity
Marijane Thomas didn't have a passion for plants when she started her business at age 24. But she knew Castle Rock was a growing community that didn't have a garden center, so there was huge sales potential. She decided to give it a try.