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Starting a Financial Advisory Business: The StartUp Experience

Entrepreneur Tara E. Nolan is the founder and CEO of Tara Nolan Advisory Services. After receiving her M.B.A., Tara moved from the U.S. Air Force into the U.S. Air Force Reserves and began to gain experience in the financial services industry. After a few years of practice, she started her own financial advising business that advises women and entrepreneurs with net worth of $1 million or more. Tara reached success quickly and continues to grow her independent firm. In this program, Tara discusses different ways to enter the financial advisory industry; how to differentiate yourself in such a highly competitive industry; how to stay current on valuable information for your clients; the secret to turning contacts into clients; networking skills; how to leverage social media to help you build credibility and relationships without incurring any cost; how to maximize profit in the financial advisory services business; and more. (69 minutes)

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Meet Tara Nolan
Tara Nolan, founder and CEO of Tara Nolan Advisory Services was in the Air Force, earned an M.B.A, and gained experience working for a local financial company. SEC and FINRA regulations limit what a business can do.