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Starting a Home Health Care Company: The StartUp Experience

Steve Peterschmidt is the founder of Family Home Health Care. Steve sold the business after it had grown to more than 100 employees. He is now helping others start and grow their own home health care companies. Steve’s success in this industry has received nationwide recognition, and he is considered to be one of the top consultants in the industry today. In this program, Steve discusses how to launch a home health care business; the importance of conducting research to choose an unfilled niche; how to obtain experience and credentials; how to hire and motivate the best people; various ways to profit from home health care services; how to get paid by Medicare; the best way to network to increase sales leads and closures; how to build a list of qualified clients; how to position your company for acquisition; and more. (85 minutes)

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Entrepreneur's Journey: The Changes
Steve Peteschmidt, founder of Family Home Health Care, explains how his father inspired him to get into home health care after spending many years in the engineering and high tech industries.