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Telephone Customer Service

We’ve all experienced it—the frustration of dealing with a company or organization over the telephone. Being put on hold or transferred again and again, often without finding an answer or solution, is enough to drive anyone crazy. Now, switch places—imagine you’re being paid to help customers by phone. What can you do to ease their aggravation, address their queries, and solve their problems? If a conflict emerges, how will you untangle it without the benefit of face-to-face interaction? This video provides answers to those questions, guiding trainees with simple dramatizations, concise explanations, and hip animation. Offering an overview of the basic components of a telephone support system, the video emphasizes the importance of active listening, documentation, and multitasking, while helping viewers recognize the communication barriers inherent in telephone technology. Viewable/printable educational materials are available online. A Films for the Humanities & Sciences Production. (20 minutes)

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Problems with Telephone Transaction
Most customers prefer speaking to a person on the phone and not navigating an automated system. There are limitations to building relationships on the phone, but the right skills can overcome most challenges associated with telephone customer service.