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Professionalism 101: Skills to Succeed and Advance at Work

With tips and advice from career counselors, human resources reps, new employees, and seasoned business professionals, this three-part series takes a commonsense approach to the details of job success. Each program provides essential information on the big issues (dress codes, asking for a raise) as well as on matters seldom covered (dealing with office politics, surprise visits from higher-ups). Engaging graphics make pertinent points easy to remember, and anecdotes from a focus group of young professionals give real-life context to expert recommendations. The importance of good interpersonal skills and having a positive attitude is promoted throughout. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A Cambridge Educational/MotionMasters Coproduction. 3-part series, 25 minutes each.

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Professional Image: Professionalism 101
As a new hire, recognizing what defines your professional image and how you can improve it will help you advance at work. Dress appropriately; do your best every day; befriend coworkers, and ask questions.