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Mobile App Development and Deployment

Once the purpose, basic architecture, and potential consumer base of a mobile app have been established, it’s time to get busy building it. But app development is typically a complex undertaking and subject to a wide range of variables. This program helps viewers sift through the process of successful app construction with the aid of expert interviews and eye-catching video and graphics. Topics include choosing a platform (mainly Apple vs. Android); designing the user interface with an eye toward simplicity and functionality; using wireframes to “storyboard” the app’s navigation tree; balancing a tab bar approach with screen size concerns; integrating social media; developing visual, audio, and narrative content; designing data structures; using server-side technology; testing algorithm design; load testing and beta testing; conforming the app to platform specifications; promoting it through search engine optimization, social media, and viral marketing; and maintaining the app with ongoing product analysis. A Films for the Humanities & Sciences Production. (22 minutes)

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On the Internet, a "walled garden" is an environment that controls the user's access to Web content and services. Product development experts educate viewers on Apple's user-friendly, high tech support.