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Mobile App Research and Planning

The process of bringing a successful app to market begins long before the actual software is developed. As with any endeavor that fuses commerce and creativity, the app usually starts with a spark of inspiration and gets fleshed out through market research and intensive planning. This program takes viewers through those initial phases with hip, high-energy visuals and commentary from experts who create apps for a living. Topics include identifying the target audience or consumer base; studying apps aimed at a similar market; creating a project plan; designing with a focus on ease of use and the customer’s ability to share with other users; strategizing to compete against more corporate, big-budget apps; considering various development tools to utilize; thinking ahead regarding platform options; looking at monetization models; distinguishing between apps that deliver a lot of content and those that use little or none; using content management systems; and projecting costs and profitability. A Films for the Humanities & Sciences Production. (22 minutes)

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App Market
Apple opened its App store in 2008. The mobile revolution attracted creative people to technology, making it cool. The app market created opportunities for entrepreneurs.