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Illegal Gambling: Crime Inc.—The Underground Economy

Although mobsters and bookies haven’t exactly gone away, technology has made illegal gambling more accessible to the everyday person. This CNBC program goes inside the high-stakes world of illicit betting, both online and off, that allows more and more people to cash in—or face prison terms and possibly worse. Viewers meet a professional sports gambler in Las Vegas who legally bets at casinos but also uses illegal corner bookies, and a recovering gambling addict who nearly lost his home, business, and family. Now he heads the Outreach Foundation, which helps compulsive gamblers reclaim their lives. Also featured: the Chicago mob’s gambling operations and the first American convicted of running an illegal Internet gambling site.

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Introduction: Illegal Gambling: Crime Inc.—The Underground Economy
This introduction orients viewers to the upcoming video about technology used in illegal gambling. Wealth, prison, and death are all a part of this multi-billion dollar industry.