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Counterfeit Goods: Crime Inc.—The Underground Economy

Fake handbags, watches, shoes, perfumes—the business of counterfeit products is the largest underground industry in the world, generating hundreds of billions of dollars for the perpetrators while sapping the economy, putting lives in jeopardy, and funding organized crime in the process. This CNBC program reports on what has become a global crime spree, in which goods are produced and consumed in a world of high risk and high reward. Viewers discover the challenge of effective port inspections, accompany an LAPD anticounterfeiting unit on raids, and enter backroom factories where forged items are produced. Also profiled: a company whose entire brand was copied and a defense contractor whose counterfeit parts found their way into Iraqi weapons depots.

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Counterfeit Goods: Overview
Ports, borders, and even in cyberspace, the U.S. is under siege by a flood of counterfeit goods. This costs American businesses $250 billion a year and costs workers 750,000 jobs.