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Stolen Goods: Crime Inc.—The Underground Economy

Through a complex web of robbery and reselling—via black-market buyers, shady Internet sites, and even legitimate businesses—the traffic in purloined goods rakes in billions each year. This CNBC program examines the world of organized stealing, in which the largest and most lucrative target is retail, sustaining losses of more than $30 billion annually. But large-scale thievery can happen anywhere: cargo theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in America, with merchandise stolen in bulk from shipping containers, warehouses, and tractor-trailers. The business of home burglaries is also booming. A huge threat comes from organized gangs who make a living hitting multiple homes every week. Last but not least, vehicle theft costs Americans an estimated $5.2 billion per year and nets hundreds of millions in profits.

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Battling Organized Theft
Jerry Bigs, head of Walgreen's loss prevention team, has recovered $9 million worth of stolen goods. Viewers see footage of people stealing. Walgreens loses $1300.00 per minute. In organized theft, one of the largest targets is retail.