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Human Trafficking: Crime Inc.—The Underground Economy

From prostitution to slave labor, human trafficking knows no moral or geographical boundaries. This CNBC program examines an underground global industry in which hopelessness and greed create a sinister, sometimes lethal combination. Viewers see firsthand the human impact of the commercial sex trade in Tijuana, Mexico, where girls younger than 18 are often coerced into working as prostitutes. As the program shows, the modern slave labor trade is also a real problem in the U.S., involving not only the sex industry but also agriculture, manufacturing, and hospitality. Meanwhile, cocoa production is drawing increasing fire from human rights experts, with nearly half of the world’s cocoa crops coming from Africa’s Ivory Coast—an area with a long history of child slavery.

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Human Trafficking: Silent Epidemic
From prostitution to slave labor, human trafficking is a booming business. It is relatively easy for traffickers to commit the crime, and it is easy to get away with.