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CNBC Titans: Donald Trump

No name in America is more synonymous with real estate—or self-promotion—than Donald J. Trump. From the gleaming marble of Trump Tower to NBC’s mega-hit The Apprentice, the shadow of “The Donald” looms large over his eponymous empire. CNBC examines two sides of Trump—not just the titan of industry who will do anything to seal a deal and vanquish a competitor, but also the devoted father and family man. The program features a look at Trump’s career and incendiary rise—from being merely a successful tycoon’s son to developing his own reputation as a budget-conscious developer to achieving worldwide celebrity status by owning giant chunks of the New York City skyline. As the report describes, regardless of the demands of his business, Trump’s rarely-seen personal side involves an open-door policy for his children and their needs.

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Since the 1970s, Trump has been more responsible than anyone else for changing the New York skyline. His real estate empire nearly crashed in the 1990s, but he exploited his brand to come back.